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Get Your Resume Noticed with a GAC-Accredited Online Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management 

CSU Global's Project Management degree program is accredited by the Global Accreditation Center (GAC) for Project Management Education Programs, which means that our alumni are granted substantial credit toward the experience requirement when they apply for any PMI certification.

Earning your online degree in Project Management from CSU Global will give you a leg up on the competition by proving your worth as a valuable asset to any organization. If you’re the type of person who enjoys working with others, managing the scope, time, costs, and required resources for large projects, then you may be perfectly suited to develop a successful career in the field of project management.

Project managers don’t just push paper either, as this profession requires sophisticated planning and management skills—it’s the project manager who is responsible for delivering a successful result on track, on time, and under budget.

CSU Global’s online Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management will prepare you to assume command or large-scale, organizational projects, training you to provide direction to the project team, oversee project selection, monitor resource levels and skills, and create a total organization perspective that goes beyond silo thinking.


Career Outlook

PMI ALIGNED FOR PMP CERTIFICATION Our degree in Project Management is aligned with PMI’s Body of Knowledge to prepare students for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate exam.

98% OF ALUMNI WORKING IN THEIR FIELD Alumni from CSU Global’s online Project Management program report extremely high rates of working in the field.

$84,235 ESTIMATED STARTING SALARY $84,235 ESTIMATED STARTING SALARY Alumni from CSU Global’s Bachelor’s program in Project Management report an estimated annual starting salary above $84k.

PROJECT MANAGER, PROGRAM MANAGER, OPERATIONS MANAGER Top three titles held by CSU Global’s Project Management Degree program alumni.

Project Manager Responsibilities

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Watch a Quick 2-Minute Overview

This quick video covers a variety of topics, including:

  • Why you should consider a career in project management.
  • What skills project managers need to develop to be successful in the field.
  • How our program prepares students for work in the field.

Mission Statement for our Project Management Program

CSU Global’s GAC-accredited Bachelor’s of Science degree in Project Management prepares students for success as project management practitioners within a global, technology-rich, and multicultural economy. 

This academically accredited and rigorous learning experience is facilitated in an internet-based, technology-enabled, yet personally-interactive environment. 

Students develop relevant competencies based on the practical application of accepted project management best practices, which prepares them for professional project management leadership. 

Students are empowered to apply knowledge of the project management discipline to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, and close complex projects.

What Project Management Skills Will You Learn?

Whether you already have experience in the industry and simply lack the degree needed to advance in your role, or you have no prior experience in the field, our B.S. in Project Management program is designed to train you for a successful career as a project manager.

CSU Global’s project management program teaches students to plan for success, while also preparing to overcome unexpected hurdles, ensuring they’re able to deliver projects on track, on time, and on budget.

Graduating from our online project management degree ensures you’ll be prepared to 

Handle the skills required of professional project managers, including:

  • Overseeing project selection.
  • Monitoring aggregate resource levels and skills.
  • Encouraging use of best practices.
  • Balancing projects in order to represent a risk level appropriate to the organization.
  • Improving communication among all stakeholders.
  • Creating a total organizational perspective that goes beyond silo thinking.

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What Project Management Topics Will You Study?

As a student in our project management degree program, you will develop theoretical application knowledge, as well as the soft skills associated with leadership in project management. Coursework will focus on the following career-driven topics that real-world project managers deal with regularly in the field, including:

  • Contracts
  • Asset procurement
  • Risk
  • Project planning
  • Scheduling
  • Monitoring
  • Control
  • Earned value methods
  • Project quality management

You will also learn to utilize the personal traits you possess that draw you to project management; leadership, communication, and team building as they relate to the project management knowledge areas.

Learning Outcomes

In CSU Global’s online Project Management Degree program, you will develop and demonstrate a range of well-honed skills for quality project management. From theory application and research, to management and decision-making, the learning outcomes you gain will give you a competitive advantage in the field.

Our project management program students:

  • Apply knowledge of management and leadership theories as they relate to project, program, and portfolio management.
  • Effectively demonstrate proficient communication, technology, and research skills.
  • Examine the tools and techniques used in initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, and closing projects.
  • Demonstrate critical-thinking skills for effective analysis in decision-making.
  • Analyze the implications of diversity/culture and managing projects in an international setting.

PMI Certification Requirements Reduced for GAC-Accredited Program Graduates

The Project Management Institute’s Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC) is excited to announce that graduates of GAC-accredited programs are granted substantial credit toward the experience requirement when they apply for any PMI certification. This new benefit applies retroactively to the degree program’s initial accreditation date, and applies to each PMI certification.

What Project Management Courses Will You Take?

CSU Global’s Project Management Bachelor’s Degree requires the completion of 120 total credits, including a mix of core degree courses, general education courses, elective courses, and optional degree specializations and certificates.

Classes Start Mar 15th

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General Education Courses (31 Credits)

CSU Global’s General Education Courses are more than a bachelor’s degree requirement. They are designed to help you develop and strengthen valuable skills demanded in the workplace.

Already taken some courses? Up to 90 total credits (and 64 from community colleges) can be transferred into a bachelor’s degree at CSU Global. Request a Transcript Evaluation Summary to see how close you already are to graduation!

Learn More About General Education

Online Project Management Degree Core Courses (33 Credits)

  • ORG300 Applying Leadership Principles
    The opportunities for students, in this first course, for all majors are to learn personal and professional leadership styles and drivers by providing an overview of leadership basics. Leadership skills are utilized across fields of study. Regardless of the roles individuals assume in an organization, they will need to communicate effectively, influence others, and understand the way they respond to others and why. The course engages students in discussion, exploration, and application of leadership skills, principles, and practices. Students will learn about the relationships and connections leaders have with individuals and organizations. Topics include leadership communication, motivation, style, and characteristics. Course not eligible for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit.
  • MGT300 Principles of Management
    An examination of the basic functions of management, including planning, organizing, leading, staffing and controlling and how they can be utilized to strengthen management, employee and organizational performance.
  • OPS400 Operations Management
    This course provides students with an understanding of process and product development, quality improvement, and the tools utilized in the production of goods and services. Students learn concepts regarding operations, quality, and process management, and evaluate how these concepts can be used to gain a competitive advantage in the industry. Students also learn how mathematical models are used to assist in making decisions in regard to operations, inventory, quality, and materials requirements. (This course is also offered through CBE. Credits earned using this option will appear on transcripts with an “EX” suffix.)
  • PJM310* Introduction to Project Management
    This course provides the student with a high-level overview of project management. Student will cover project management techniques such as project selection, management, organization, planning, conflict, negotiation, budgeting, scheduling, control of the project, and termination of the project. Students cannot receive credit for both PJM310 and MGT410.
  • PJM330 Effective Project Scheduling and Control
    This course explores project scheduling, monitoring, and controlling techniques used by successful project managers. Students assume the role of project manager in a 7-week, web-based simulation and apply the concepts conveyed in the course to a complex project. Through this experience, the course intends to develop the students’ competency in the following areas: project planning, scope definition and control, cost estimation, cost control, scheduling, controlling, trade-off decision-making, learning-curve theory, quality management, and communication management.
  • PJM380 Project Management Tools
    This course explores project scheduling and monitoring techniques used by successful project managers. Students assume the role of project manager in a 7-week web-based simulation and apply the concepts conveyed in the course to an international software development project. Through this experience, competency is developed in the areas of project planning, scope definition, cost estimation, cost control, schedule control, trade-off decision making, learning curve theory, quality management, controlling scope creep, and communication management.
  • PJM400 Project Procurement and Contract Management
    This course examines the procurement-management knowledge aspect of project management. A critical component is obtaining the appropriate resources from external and internal vendors, which is the responsibility of the project manager. Students will learn the process of acquiring external resources through vendors and the legal requirements associated with contracts. Students will have an opportunity to study best practices regarding contract management and purchasing within a project management environment. (This course is also offered through CBE. Credits earned using this option will appear on transcripts with an “EX” suffix.)
  • PJM410 Assessing and Managing Risk
    This course equips future project managers with the skills necessary to identify, analyze, assess, categorize, control, and mitigate project risk. Students learn how risk is being managed across industries, the factors that produce risk, and are presented with the tools necessary to reduce risk as much as possible.
  • PJM440 Project Quality Management
    This course introduces the concepts and benefits of having a systematic approach to business process, and project quality management that involves all employees in continuous improvement for the purpose of improving quality and reducing waste. Students will study Six Sigma, re-engineering, TQM strategy, TQM data capture, Theory of Constraints, and effective communication techniques used to integrate the quality principles into the culture and activities of the organization.
  • PJM460 Project Leadership
    This course explores the intersection of the leadership and project management bodies of knowledge, with a focus on how project managers can leverage an understanding of leadership to enhance project success. Students study facilitation, negotiation, teamwork, communication, presentation, interpersonal, and conflict management skills, with specific attention to project management applicability.
  • PJM480 Capstone — Project Management
    The capstone course allows students to develop a project plan for a business of their choice. Students develop project goals, objectives, and scope in relationship to budget, schedule, and resources. The proposed plan must address strategies for overcoming challenges, including a risk management plan, ethics plan, and leadership strategy. Students will utilize skills gained throughout the program to demonstrate the ability to thoroughly plan a project. Prerequisite: Successful completion of all core coursework. Course not eligible for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) credit.
  • PJM495** Project Management Practicum
    This course is designed for students who participate in a project management capacity on the staff of an organization that manages and implements project work as an opportunity to demonstrate program outcomes learned in the B.S. in Project Management under the supervision of both faculty and organization personnel. Assignments include weekly journals; a mid-term conference with the instructor, faculty practicum coordinator, and on-site supervisor; and a final report. Prerequisite: 3 core courses. *PMJ495 is an optional course that students may select if they currently work in a criminal justice setting. See the academic catalog for course restrictions.

* MGT410 can be taken in place of PJM310; however, students who take MGT410 should not take PJM310.
** PJM495 is an optional course that provides students with practical project management experience. This course may not be available in all states; see the State Specific Authorization Policy under Admissions Policies.

Elective Courses (Remaining credits to reach 120 total credits)

The remainder of your degree is comprised of courses of your choice that support your educational goals and needs. Including a specialization reduces the number of elective credits you'll need to complete your bachelor's degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Project Management?

Project Management is the process that helps organizations keep projects on track, on time, and on budget. Project managers are responsible for managing limited resources and planning for unexpected hurdles, ensuring that the pace of work continues even in the face of unforeseen problems.

Every organization needs individuals who can guide projects to deliver successful results, and that’s exactly what project managers are tasked with.

The demand for project managers continues to rise as a result of several factors, including:

  • Compression of the life cycle for products and/or services.
  • Technological advancement and the explosion of knowledge.
  • Widespread adoption of the triple bottom line philosophy (planet, people, prosperity).
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and corporate downsizing.
  • Increased customer focus.
  • Small projects representing big problems.

What Do Project Managers Do?

Typical daily duties for project managers include:

  • Marshalling resources required to successfully complete a project on track, on time, and on budget.
  • Linking directly to the customer interface.
  • Providing direction, coordination, and integration to the team members involved in the project. 
  • Being fully responsible for the performance and success of the projects they oversee.
  • Coordinating assets to ensure the right people are getting involved at the right time on the right issues so that the right decisions can be made to ensure project success.

Project managers also serve a larger organizational role as well, with responsibilities commonly including:

  • Overseeing project selection.
  • Monitoring aggregate resource levels and skills of organizational assets.
  • Encouraging the use of best practices.
  • Balancing projects in order to manage organizational risk.
  • Improving communications across all stakeholders.
  • Creating a total organization perspective that goes beyond silo thinking.

If you enjoy planning, organizing, scheduling, working with people and serving in leadership positions, then you may be well-suited for success as a professional project manager.

How Do You Become a Project Manager?

The most straightforward way to develop your skills and experience in project management is to enroll in a degree program and study the skills and knowledge required in an academic environment.

CSU Global’s online Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management will give you the opportunity to analyze and apply project management theories and concepts, particularly those associated with organizations that have limited time and resources.

Our program alumni gain a solid understanding of contracts, asset procurement, risk, project control, monitoring, and earned value methods, in addition to examining the costs and benefits of Total Quality Management. Students will also learn to apply the soft skills associated with leadership, communication, and team building.

What Can You Do With a Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management?

Completing your B.S. in Project Management ensures that you’ll be well-prepared to assume the responsibilities required of professional project managers, including:

  • Analyzing project records to effectively monitor and control all elements of an organizational project.
  • Helping to make crucial staffing decisions, ensuring each project has the resources it needs.
  • Developing detailed project plans and managing budgets.
  • Making effective resource management decisions, ensuring projects are completed on time and under budget. 

As a project manager, you’ll be asked to deliver successful results by managing temporary, non-repetitive activities. 

If you’re interested in overcoming challenges and want to help business stay on track, on time, and on budget, then this may be an excellent career option.

What Jobs Can You Get With a Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management?

CSU Global’s Online Project Management Courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to serve as an effective, skilled project manager.

Some commonly held  project management job titles include:

Is a Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management Worth It?

Yes! While it may take hard work and dedication to complete your bachelor’s degree in project management, this is an excellent industry to get into and CSU Global’s 100% online Project management Program is one of the best ways to enter the field. 

Why should you consider studying with us?

  • Our project management program is GAC-accredited, PMI-aligned, and regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.
  • 98% of our project management bachelor’s degree program report working in the field of project management after completing their degree.
  • Alumni from our project management program report an estimated annual starting salary of $84,235.
  • The top three reported job titles for graduates from our project management program are Project Manager, Program Manager, and Operations Manager.

CSU Global is one of the best online project management schools, having recently earned several awards, including:

  • A #1 ranking for Top 25 Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Project Management from Top Management Degrees.
  • A #5 ranking for Best Online Bachelor’s in Project Management Programs from The Best Schools.
  • A “Gold School” of Distinction award from Best Colleges, making us one of only 15 schools to receive gold rankings, out of more than 2,000 online degree programs.

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CSU Global provides more than just a diploma. Our career-driven programs are based on real-world concepts designed to help you excel in the workplace from day one. Our Tuition Guarantee ensures that your rate won’t rise from enrollment to graduation, and because we know how hard it can be to juggle education, work, and family responsibilities, our programs can be completed entirely online, with no set times or locations, monthly class starts and accelerated courses.

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Regional accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) means your degree comes from a top quality, trusted university.


CSU Global's Online Bachelor's Degrees in Project Management was ranked #1 Top Management Degrees.


CSU Global project management curriculum is aligned with the Project Management Institute (PMI), the world’s leading project management organization.


The GAC Accredited Program seal is a mark of Project Management Institute, Inc. CSU Global’s B.S. in Project Management is accredited by the Project Management Institute’s Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC), the world’s leading specialized accrediting body for project management.


The Best Schools ranked CSU Global’s online Bachelor’s in Project Management program #5 out of 20.


CSU Global’s School of Management and Innovation is ranked #1 by Top Management Schools in their Top 25 Online Bachelor’s in Project Management ranking.

“I left college when I was younger because of my lack of confidence. CSU Global has really proved to me that I can do it, and accomplish something I never thought I could. Online learning is comprehensive, and the schedule is something I make, which is a great benefit for my busy schedule.”


Bachelor’s in Project Management Student

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